... that’s what Café Buur stands for since 2017. With tasty, specially created and high-quality food trends from all over the world, which are also a real visual treat. Top priority, of our dishes prepared with a true passion to detail, is the quality of the products which we use. For this reason, we like to work with regional farmers who stand for the best & freshest products with just as much heart and soul.

Foodporn couldn’t be more tempting!

Café Buur Cologne

Parham Pooramin opened his first Café Buur together with his mum and wife in the summer of 2017. In a parallel street to the lively Aachener Straße in Cologne's trendy Belgian Quarter.

The former shisha bar was a rough diamond that only needed to be polished and with the right idea brings the street back to life. The Pooramin family recognized this immediately and converted the once run-down shisha bar into a stylish Café Buur.

Initial difficulties due to a lack of walk-in customers worried the family. However, the entire team never let go of the vision and continued to go full throttle. They tinkered with the craziest ideas and creations every day, just two months after opening, they suddenly became the city's most popular brunch hotspot for foodies, social media celebrities and other VIPs. Within a very short time, Café Buur was not only on everyone's lips in the city, the good reputation of the 360-degree experience and food concept has spread beyond the borders. Since that day, especially on weekends, long queues like in front of one of the best clubs in the city are standard.

50 employees take care of the well-being of the guests, who now come from all over the world.

Café Buur Düsseldorf

In the course of time, national and international guests asked for further locations for the popular Café Buur, the next logical step was the development of the other side of the Rhine.

Together with his best friend Baran Gökpinar and Mazlum Akyol, Parham Pooramin opened the Düsseldorf office in 2019. It is located in the district of Bilk on Friedrichstraße, a feeder road to Königsallee.

Since its opening, it has brought more and more retail and gastronomy onto the streets. No wonder, because Café Buur Düsseldorf has quickly become the second home of some professional athletes as well as regular guests from Holland and Belgium. In the smallest Café Buur to date, 35 employees take care of customers with the enjoyment of global breakfast culture. Small but nice, just as the menu is impressive in Düsseldorf with all the well-known & popular dishes as well as the most seductive food trends.

Café Buur Frankfurt

Our location in Frankfurt was love at first sight. The longing of the Frankfurters for their own Café Buur increased and in the middle of the first lockdown in 2020 we put everything on one card. Together with Baris Temizkul, we have opened our largest location in Germany, in the popular district of Bornheim.

Despite the beautiful location in the city's food hotspot, the future was uncertain at that time. At the opening, however, the Frankfurters kept their word and proved with a 60-meter-long queue in front of the door how genuine their love is. This affection continues to this day. On our two floors and the large terrace, around 50 employees ensure that guests can relax and enjoy our brunch concept.

An idea turned into hype

... and has meanwhile become a long-standing success story.:

2017 Cologne
2018 Düsseldorf
2020 Frankfurt
2022 Dubai

We love gastronomy and we are always one step ahead. Every day we live out our creativity, set new food trends and always emphasize high-quality products. Just for you!

Our fancy and crazy breakfast creations have become social media stars due to the large number of postings, revolutionized the presentation of food on popular platforms. As a result, we are the first restaurant which has been awarded with the famous blue hook, which we are particularly proud of.

When in Germany Turkish Sucuk meets Israeli Egg Benedict, Bacon meets Shakshuka or a round chocolate ball meets the hottest “Foodporn” (that’s not only what our food looks like, that’s also the name of our pancake), it’s not only tempting, then it turns every visit into a culinary trip around the world. Our promise: we are worth to make it – a sin. oder we are worth the sin.

Let’s Food-Travel around the world

Travel and new places are known to awaken the best ideas in people, and that’s what happened to Café Buur CEO Parham Pooramin and his family after a longer stay in Asia.

Back in Germany, inspired by the Asian all-day-breakfast culture a specially adapted concept with dishes from all over the world was created with a lot of passion and love for the detail: #mybrunchisbetterthanyours and the first Café Buur in Cologne was born. What likes to be called hype and started in Cologne, consolidated at the locations in Dusseldorf and Frankfurt, is meanwhile an international and long-standing success story.

Each new location is opened exclusively, with the best employees as partners, to ensure the Café Buur service guarantee. In addition, the lovingly managed family business offers every guest a culinary home with the best quality which Parham’s mom ensures as the quality tester.