Café Buur

Since we attach great importance to quality, we naturally source the products we can get around us regionally, firstly to be able to control the quality in-house and secondly to support the regional farmer who, with his heart and soul, cares for the best product every day. And this is what we strive to convey through our dishes.

2017 – Today

Our History

Our first baby in Cologne actually was an old and run-down bar on a parallel street to Aachener Str., without many walk-in customers. At that time we would never have predicted that 8 weeks later we would end up making the sidewalk partially impassable for passers-by.
Despite a few teething difficulties we went full speed ahead, tinkering with the craziest ideas and creations every day, until we were the talk of the town in Cologne and our reputation was already spreading far beyond regional.
Why don’t you open more stores? was something we got used to hearing on a daily basis.No sooner said than done.
Düsseldorf was the next city to enchant, and we did.
We were also able to impress the other side of the Rhine with our quality when we brought the breakfast culture to Düsseldorf, proving that we are not a place that feeds on a hype but can also become established in other cities.Hence the journey did not end there. Soon we realized that Frankfurt was also interested in Café Buur.We always welcomed a lot of guests from Frankfurt, and it felt like we didn’t actually go to Frankfurt, but Frankfurt pulled us there.
It was love at first sight – Café Buur Frankfurt.
Our third location, and quite a good one at that.

2017 – Cologne

2018 – Düsseldorf


-We build strong relationships with our customers.

My brunch is better than yours – and we mean it. When it comes to a good breakfast there is probably not a more creative concept in Germany than ours. We enchant our guests every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with the most unusual and craziest breakfast creations from all over the world and we will not even shy away from incursions in street food. Here, Israeli Egg Benedict will encounter Turkish Sucuk, Shakshuka goes on the same menu as Bacon and Germany’s best pancake accompanies enticing stuffed chocolate balls – it sounds tempting, doesn’t it?We are worth the sin!

Delicious food, established in 2017

- We offer

High quality products with the best ingredients

  • Sucuk HalliGalli
  • Egg-Simit
  • Pascha Platte for 2 persons
  • Mac ́n Cheese
  • Hanging Bacon/Sucuk
  • Honoluluvegan – smoothie
  • Mango-Berry – smoothie
  • Banana Mama – smoothie
  • Bagels
  • Toasts

We are actually the most proud of this. Just like breakfast in Germany, we have also revolutionized the way food is presented on online platforms such as Instagram, we have now managed to focus on the angle of the pan or the light ratio while taking pictures and share your food with friends.

This feature made us known beyond our own region and we managed to be the first restaurant to get a blue tick on Instagram, which automatically makes us the most famous café in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and brings our reach far beyond the nation.

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